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We are thoroughly enjoying studying 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as Roald Dahl is one of our favourite classic novelists. Some of us even got dressed up as Oompa Loompas, Willy Wonkas and Violet Beauregardes for World Book Day! As part of our work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we've written poems, character descriptions, stories, newspaper articles and letters. We are going to finish off the term by linking our writing to history work on our local area of Newton Hall.


All of maths homework is now online. As well as subtraction, addition and multiplication, recently we have been learning about fractions of amounts, time, mental addition, written methods of addition and subtraction using a number line. We will soon learn written methods for multiplication.


In science this term, we have been learning about the human body and movement. We have compared the movement of humans to the movement of other creatures including those without a backbone. We even had the chance to observe snails and worms in the classroom to investigate how they move without a solid skeleton. We loved watching them use their muscles to grip onto surfaces. When learning about the human body, volunteers lay on the floor so we could draw around them and then label their bones. That was fun!





This term year three are enjoying learning how to play chords on the ukulele!


We have been linking our art and DT work with our class novel. We've designed our own magical sweets and we even designed a tasty, healthy soup for Charlie Bucket using the knowledge we gained about healthy eating in science.




We have just begun a local study of Newton Hall throughout which we will discover what life used to be like in our area. We will be finding out about the history of the shops, the school and other buildings in the area. Using our geography skills, we will also be locating these places on maps.


In R.E. this term we have been covering the meanings of events such as Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter.


Hello! My name is Eve and I'm the school councillor for 3T. I take suggestions from my class and share them at council meetings. I feel like I'm really making a difference in the school by changing things for the better. I was nervous when I first got elected because I knew I would have to work with older children but now I feel fine because I've made some new friends and we've been working together for a while now.

-Eve Jones



Hi there! I’m the energy monitor for 3T. We save energy by making sure the interactive boards and lights are turned off when we're not using them. We go to meetings every week where we learn about energy and how to stop it from being wasted. I love it because we do fun activities to help us learn (like sorting cards and things like that). Every week one year group of energy monitors checks the readings for electricity, water and gas and makes a note of them. Miss Thornton thinks I'm a great energy monitor - I'm so good at my job that sometimes I forget Miss Thornton is in the room and I turn the lights off so she's left doing her marking in the dark! frown 

- Abigail Cooper

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I liked doing fractions because of the pictures of the cookies. I liked designing my own Wonka sweet and Wonka bar because I love using my creative ideas that I have in my mind. I enjoyed learning column addition in maths and I love doing handwriting because I get the chance to get better at handwriting!

- Evie Gallon


This term I've enjoyed reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because we got some of our work on display. I also enjoyed maths but the best thing was having really fun lessons. This term has been amazing!

- Matthew Armes


This term we wrote a description of the Inventing Room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. To help us get some ideas we smelt some different things that might be in the room like honey and other creamy and fruity smells. They were so nice! The smelly pots were my favourite thing this term because they smelt divine - like golden syrup! They helped me to get my ideas together for my writing.

- Emily Maw


The term we saw how snails and move. We also made skeletons from cotton buds. We also made healthy eating posters and on World Book Day we made our own book tokens. We have been making our own poems which went on our classroom display. We wrote a newspaper article about Veruca Salt and how she's a BAD NUT! My favourite part was when we created our own starter, main course and dessert chewing gum meal (like Violet Beauregarde's) and when we described the Inventing Room from the book because we got to smell all different smells and listen to machine noises to give us some ideas.

- Louie Johnson


This term we have been learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We also learnt about healthy eating to find out about our diet. In science, we were looking at worms and snails to see how they move.

- Abigail Cooper


My favourite part this term was when we looked at the slimy snails. Our snails nearly escaped at the end of the lesson!

- Mary Botone


This half term we have been learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My favourite part was when we got to write poems about sweets and chocolate. I also really liked reading the book. We've also been learning about the bones in the body. I loved learning facts about our bones because I learned some scientific names that I didn't know before! We created skeletons out of cotton buds which i enjoyed doing.

- Ben Huntingdon


This half term we have been looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My favourite parts of the book were the Oompa Loompa songs! We have designed our own chocolate bar and our own three course chewing gum meal like the one Violet eats in the story. I won star writer for the description I wrote about my chewing gum meal!

- Daniel Moyes

Look at our human body art!