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Science Week: How long is too long for a straw???

4A learning some Judo moves!

4A learning some Judo moves! 1
4A learning some Judo moves! 2
4A learning some Judo moves! 3
4A learning some Judo moves! 4
4A learning some Judo moves! 5
4A learning some Judo moves! 6
4A learning some Judo moves! 7
4A learning some Judo moves! 8
4A learning some Judo moves! 9
4A learning some Judo moves! 10
4A learning some Judo moves! 11
4A learning some Judo moves! 12
4A learning some Judo moves! 13
4A learning some Judo moves! 14
4A learning some Judo moves! 15
4A learning some Judo moves! 16
4A learning some Judo moves! 17
4A learning some Judo moves! 18
4A learning some Judo moves! 19
4A learning some Judo moves! 20
4A learning some Judo moves! 21
4A learning some Judo moves! 22
4A learning some Judo moves! 23

Chris Cook visits Blue Coat 


The Olympic swimmer (now retired) visited us to tell us how he turned his dream of swimming at the Olympics in to a reality!

Spring 2

Maximus Visits Blue Coat!

Wednesday 16th March

     Today a real Roman soldier came into our school and his name was Maximus! He told us that we were all going to be Roman soldiers for the day and we were all very excited! However, he also told us that if you were in the army and you did something wrong, he would hit you on the head with a stick!

     Afterwards, we got to dress up as soldiers. We were given a sword and a shield and we hit our shield with the sword and chanted “sin-dex” (which means left-right) really loudly. Then, we were shown how to put our shields into the tortoise formation that the Romans used in battle. The fun part was that we got to throw balls at each other! It was a lot of fun and at the end I wished he could have stayed longer. I was sad to see Maximus leave and hope he comes back to visit someday.


By Evie McNary 4A

Cross Country Finals


Jake, Josh and Joe all took part in the cross country finals and their team, along with pupils from 4F, came 3rd overall! Well done boys! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Making electrical circuits

World Book Day!


Last Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day! The children (and teachers!) came into school dressed as some of their favourite characters from books. Take a look at the slideshow and see if you can guess who the children in 4A are meant to be...

Our fantastic collages!

By Freya Williams 4A


In 4A, we made some collages using lots of different materials to create a scene from our class novel; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The materials we used included wool, cotton, tissue paper and sequins. We took our time and created the collages on HUGE pieces of paper with the help of Miss Armstrong! Some of them were spectacular! 


Picture 1

4A in action making our collages!

Spring 1

Digestion and the Human Body

By Melissa Lonergan 4A


    In science, we have been learning about the tongue's role in digestion. First we looked at our tongue in a mirror to see if we could spot all our taste buds! Did you know, the average person has about 10,000 taste buds that are replaced every two weeks?! Secondly (this was everyone's favourite part!), we got to test different foods including fruit pastilles, lemons and crisps to see if we could identify the different tastes of salty, sweet, sour and bitter. It was a very fun lesson! A lots of us were very curious about the tongue and its taste buds. If we didn't have taste buds, then perhaps we would just eat anything because we would have no idea what it tasted like! 

   In another lesson, we drew around people's bodies and labelled it with what we though was inside of our bodies to see what we already knew about how digestion works and while parts of your body have what role in the process. 





By Zoe Hindle 4A


    Recently, we have been looking at different poems such as narrative poems, cinquians, limericks, list poems, haikus and nonsense poems. We were all given a different type of poem to research and report back to the rest of the class what we had found out! Then, the whole class wrote their own haiku about the Queen from our class novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. To write a haiku, you have to count the syllables in each line and make sure there are 5 in the first, 7 in the second and 5 in the last. For our homework, we then had to find a poem we liked to bring into school and share with the class. 

Marvellous Maths!

By Evie Mae McNary 4A


In maths this half-term, one of the things we have been learning about is fractions. We have learnt about equivalent fractions (fractions that are the same as one half and one quarter) and how to simplify fractions. Even though it was hard at first, it has been fun!

Brass Instruments

By Hollie Buckle 4A


At Blue Coat, we have the opportunity to play brass instruments such as the trumpet. The lessons are on a Monday and we learn the notes C, E, D and G. We practise hard everyday so that we can get better and learn more songs! In 4A, the people who play brass are me, Anna and Ben. We love it!







Autumn 2

The Peace Child


Rehearsals are underway for our school’s performance of ‘The Peace Child’! Everyone is enjoying learning their part, be it a speaking, acting, singing or dancing. In Year 4, some volunteers are learning a dance to accompany the ‘Haiy-a! U-Tombya!’ It would be great if the dancers could practise this at home so our routine can be amazing! The songs for the show are on this website under ‘Children: Pupil Voice’. Thanks!


Groovy Greeks!

By Bethany Phillips and Hannah Murray 4A.


Learning about the Greeks has been totally amazing! To start with, in History we talked about the timeline of Greece and who the Ancient Greeks were. We also learnt about myths: stories that came from Greece! A few of the myths we looked at in English were Pandora’s Box, Icarus and the Minotaur and Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds. We even learnt how to spell some words in Greek. For example:

  • βλυε ξοατ σξηοολ = Blue Coat School

In ICT we will continue to find out more fun facts about the Ancient Greeks such as where they went to school and what they did for fun!


Greek Pottery

By Melissa Lonergan and Zoe Hindle 4A.


The Ancient Greeks were famous for their pottery, so this week in 4A we made some pots of our own! Before we made our own pots we looked at a few examples of real Greek pots that we keep at the back of our classroom by our ‘Ancient Greece’ display. We found that most pots are orange and black but some of them can be light blue. We also learnt that Greek pottery is often made so it can tell us a story called a myth or a legend such as Icarus and the Minotaur, Pandora’s Box, Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds, and even Medusa!


Firstly, we designed our pots on a template. Then we started with the clay! The children in the class used two different techniques to make their pots. There was an easier and a harder method (hardly anyone chose the harder method!). One of these was to create a thumb pot out of a ball of clay and the other was to use spirals. We made pots of all different shapes and sizes. Some were short, others were tall. Next week, we will be painting our pots to make them look as close to real Greek pottery as we can! Keep a look out for pictures!



By Lucy Defty and Freya Williams 4A.


Some children in 4A take part in Ukulele lessons on a Thursday that are provided for the school by Music Works. We are also lucky in Year 4 because we have Mr Atkinson who comes in and teaches the whole class how to play! We have learnt how to play a selection of songs and as it’s close to Christmas, we have started to learn the chords for ‘Jingle Bells’!


By Ben Sampson 4A

In P.E. we have been learning how to play hockey. I have been helping Miss Armstrong by demonstrating some of the techniques and tactics to everyone that my sister Ella taught me. We have all enjoyed it. We have learnt how to slap the ball, dribble and pass. 


Ukulele 1
Ukulele 2
Ukulele 3

Our Classroom

Our Classroom 1
Our Classroom 2
Our Classroom 3
Our Classroom 4

African sunset silhouette paintings.

African sunset silhouette paintings. 1
African sunset silhouette paintings. 2