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6S - Forest School

Forest School is a nice subject especially with a qualified teacher who is helpful and understanding. We learn to use maps and compasses and how to build shelters.

-Ivo S.


I think Forest School is fun because we loads of activities. It is also good at teaching you how to do knots and put up tarpaulins.

-Alex C.


I love Forest School! You get to make dens, learn new games and have fun with your friends. It's definitely the best lesson!

-Lewis W.


Forest School is definitely worth my Tuesday afternoons because it's fun. Also, we get to learn how to make a fire, build a shelter and how to use ropes to survive.



I enjoy Forest School because you get to sharpen sticks. I also enjoy making a den because you work with your friends.

-Rebecca J.


I love Forest School because we have a lot of Freedom in what we do and we can choose who we work with. Not only do you learn stuff, you have fun too.

-Lara T.