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Famous artists. 


Monet, Matisse, Da Vinci are all famous artists whose work we have been learning about. We have then created our own pieces of art inspired by them. 

I enjoyed learning about Monet, it was fun and imaginative making work in his style. It inspired me to think about the world around us. Holly. 


Making a piece of art in the style of Matisse was my favourite part as it was really creative and allowed me to use my imagination. Rebecca. 


I like Andy Warhol because he used bright bold colours and it was inspiring learning about it. It also linked with our history work. Megan.


My favourite artist was Andy Warhol because he used bright colours, which I like. I also like the way he repeated the image. Lara.


In art I have enjoyed being able to take ideas from other people to create my own work. Isaac.