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Behaviour Statement

Durham Blue Coat C.E. Aided Junior School

                                  : Behaviour Principles Written Statement


School values and ethos

Blue Coat is a caring school with Christian values.  We value each other and learn together to be the best we can.

The purpose of this statement is to give guidance to the Headteacher in creating the Behaviour Policy by stating the principles the Governing Body expect to be followed.

The Principles

The Governing Body guides that the Behaviour Policy must develop and encourage in pupils:

  • Be based on the Christian understanding of forgiveness and reconciliation.

  • A belief that they can make a difference to the wider community.

  • Respect for themselves including: pride in their appearance, behaviour, achievement and instil high expectations.

  • Respect for others and an understanding of how their actions affect others’ feelings.

  • Respect for individuality and the rights of others to their own opinions, cultures and beliefs.

  • Respect for their environment including the school and other people’s property.


Blue Coat Junior School is fully committed to maintaining a safe, happy and inclusive environment that is conducive to effective teaching and learning. Our pupils are the citizens of tomorrow and we recognise that we hold an important position in the wider community. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that Blue Coat Junior School takes a proactive role to shape our pupils into fully developed and valuable citizens.


The Governing Body guides that the Behaviour policy must:

  • Promote opportunities for pupils to take responsibility for behavioural issues and involve pupils in the decision making process.

  • Promote consistently high expectations of both staff and pupils.

  • Encourage good behaviour and instil respect for others.

  • Encourage an ethos of self-discipline among pupils.

  • Create an environment in which achievements are recognised and celebrated.

  • Prevent all forms of bullying, including cyber bullying.

  • Ensure that prompt, effective and appropriate action is taken whenever inappropriate behaviour is encountered or reported.

  • Ensure all staff and pupils know and understand that the fundamental rules.

At Blue Coat CE (Aided) Junior School, we always…

1.                    Do as we are told straight away

2.                    Keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves

3.                    Show respect to everyone

4.                    Walk sensibly and quietly around school

5.                   Look after our school

Roles and responsibilities


The Headteacher is responsible for ensuring the Policy is effectively implemented and adhered to on a day-to-day basis. They are also responsible for reporting the impact of the Policy to the Governing Body in order to ensure its effectiveness and allow any necessary changes to take place.

He/she will ensure staff members receive appropriate training regarding their statutory powers and that they feel supported in their use those powers in relation to discipline.

Finally, the responsibility for excluding pupils, once all other avenues have been explored, ultimately belongs to the Headteacher.


Teachers and support staff

It is essential that all teachers and support staff understand and promote the principles contained both here and in the Behaviour Policy. They are expected to:

  • Establish high standards for their pupils and hold them to account for breaching standards.

  • Be fair and consistent in both their rewarding and celebrating of good behaviour and in their disciplining of poor behaviour.

  • Complete the behaviour record sheet if children receive warnings

  • Act promptly to intervene in instances of poor behaviour or unexplained absences.

  • Allow pupils to make choices in order for them to understand the consequences of their actions.

  • Be prepared to challenge pupils when behaviour is not of the expected standard and not ignore poor behaviour.

  • Create a learning environment that encourages independence and a sense of pride in achievement.