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Charging and Remission Policy


Blue Coat CE Junior School recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including trips, clubs and residential experiences can make towards pupils’ education.

We aim to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional extra-curricular activities.

We recognise that activities offered wholly or mainly during normal teaching time should be available to all pupils regardless of their parents’ ability or willingness to help meet the cost.

We reserve the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school:

Residentials in School Hours
The board and lodging element of approved residential activities deemed to take place in school hours.
Activities outside School Hours
The full cost to each pupil of all approved activities deemed to be optional extras taking place outside school hours.
Individual Instrumental Tuition
The cost to the pupil for providing any instrumental tuition in line with LA guidelines.
Charging in Kind
The cost of materials, ingredients, equipment (or the provision of them by parents) for the following subjects: DT, Science, Art.
We reserve the right to charge for ingredients and materials, or require them to be provided, if the parents have indicated in advance that they wish to own the finished product.

The school may from time to time, amend the categories of activity for which a charge may be made. Nothing in this policy statement precludes the school from inviting parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of additional activities which take place in school time. Parents may be advised that the continuance of an activity may depend upon voluntary contributions, but once it has been decided to run such an activity no qualifying child will be excluded on the grounds of voluntary contributions.

Where the parents of a pupil are in receipt of income support, jobseeker’s allowance, disabled person’s tax credit or working families tax credit, the school will offer to remit in full the cost of full board and lodging for any residential activity which is deemed to take place in school hours or where it forms part of the syllabus for the National Curriculum.
The school may wish to remit in full or in part the cost of other activities for particular groups of parents, for example, in the case of family hardship. When arranging a chargeable activity, such parents will be invited in confidence for the remission of charges in full or in part. Authorisation for such remission will be made by the Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors.



The charges for the letting of rooms at Blue Coat is subject to annual review by the Finance and Premises Committee.  Anyone wishing to use Blue Coat facilities must complete a lettings agreement.  Bills are sent monthly.  Certain groups of users are exempt from charges, providing the activity complies with one of the following criteria:

·        Provides extended services activities for current pupils of Blue Coat School (e.g. sports training);

·        Provides adult/family learning opportunities which directly impact on the support parents of Blue Coat School pupils are able to give their children (e.g. ICT training);

·        Has a charitable intention which benefits the community of Newton Hall.