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We love using our new Google Chrome Books. So far we have been exploring some of our google classroom and using them to research information about our history and geography topic. 


The chrome books load a lot faster than the old laptops which means we get to spend more time using them. Oliver and Sophie


I love them because not only are the nice and new, but it is really easy to get on to Google. Katie


In RE we have been learning about  Islam. I have been able to do some work on google slides . When I hand this in on google classroom, it means that it can then be shared with the whole class. Shayaan.


I love the shortcut icons which mean we can get on to things more quickly. Daniel


I like the google chrome books as there are lots of things to explore on it like google classroom. The teachers can then set us tasks on here and we have to complete the task and work out how to hand it in. Lilly-Anne.


The new chrome books have a wide variety of things to do on them and it is great learning new things. Isabella