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In English we are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

We have looked at character descriptions, and created our own characters to write about. We have also considered whether Edmund should take his brother and sisters to Narnia to see the White Witch. We took part in a conscience alley drama activity before writing a balanced discussion about what he should do.

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I like reading the class novel as I really enjoyed it when Lucy met the faun and then when Edmund and Lucy got in a fight with each other. I am enjoying the books a lot. Amber 


My favourite part of the book was when Edmund discovered that Lucy hadn't been lying about Narnia and then he met the White Witch! Amy 


When Edmund was in Narnia and met the White Witch, it was really interesting as Edmund didn't know that she could turn water and snow in to food and drink. It was a magical place. Tristan 


My favourite character is the professor because he's really clever, a genius! Daniel