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Forest School


I enjoy lots of things like making a den and making stickmen because it includes teamwork and respect. My first favourite is orienteering because it includes using a map and following it.



Forest School is where you can learn how to work together and trust each other. We learn to survive in the wild just by building dens. We know how to use tools carefully and properly. We use whatever is around us to make toys and crafts.



I learnt in Forest School how to make a fire and put it out safely. I learnt how to play capture the flag. My favourite was the map building.



My favourite part of Forest School is building dens because I am learning how to build things and to work together in a team. Also, we learn to keep trying even when things go wrong, like if it falls down to build it again. I like to use the tools because I am learning how to use tools safely.



My favourite thing is tool use because we can learn to use tools safely. We can learn how to make a fire.



My favourite thing is making dens because we work together as a team and make friendships. We also have to try and try again. My second favourite thing is fire because we need to be responsible and safe.



In Forest School we always have fun. The best thing we have ever learned in Forest School was when we got to saw the wood and make a necklace with it. Another fun thing we have done was when we made an animal shelter.



In Forest School I like it when we get free time, make dens and play a game called meet a tree. I learned how to live in the wild, roast marshmallows and to trust others.



Forest School is a really good lesson. My favourite thing at Forest School is when we build dens and do orienteering. It is really fun. We also learn fire safety. The Forest School teacher is super nice and I love her.



I enjoy building dens because they teach you to trust your team and work together and I enjoyed doing capture the flag because it teaches you some good hiding skills. I think Forest School teaches you to look after nature and good techniques for building dens.


My favourite activity in forest school is making dens and learning to work as a team.

By Mia



During forest school we do lots of fun activities like making things out of natural materials.

We also collected mini beasts like worms, snails, slugs and woodlice. By collecting mini beasts we learn how to look after animals and return them to their homes.

By Isabella



During forest school we do lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors.

One of my favourite things to do is team up with my friends and build dens together.

We have also learned how to tie knots and bits of sticks together with string.

Another thing we did was partner up, put a blindfold on and guide our partner around a rope trail that was tied to trees, from this we learned to trust and have faith in each other.

By Leah



During forest school we learned about orienteering and map reading to find clues.

We learned how to make dens and camp fires and toasted marshmallows and made pancakes, this was one of my favourite things to do.

I also loved making stickmen out of leaves, branches and twigs.

By Alexandra



In forest school my favourite thing is roasting marshmallows and making pancakes over the campfire.

I also really liked den building.

We are really lucky to have a teacher like Mrs Snowdon.

By Evie

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