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Forest School

We love Forest School. We enjoy being outdoors. We  do team building activities where we have to work together to be successful. 

We get to be creative and build shelters and make stuff using natural materials.

In Forest School, I really enjoy carving with knives. It teaches us about survival. One of my favourite activities is den building. We learn about perseverance and resilience.

-Albi S.


In Forest School, I love to persevere and use teamwork to build dens. From Forest School, I have learnt how to tie different knots and how to use them. We learn in a fun way.

-Zoe H.


I like to learn about constructing. I also like eating the pancakes at the fire. I like taking bark off sticks.

-Ryan S.


My favourite thing to do is building dens. We learn how to tie different knots and how to use the rope properly. We learn survival skills.

-Scarlett M.


I love Forest School because we always do fun things. When we make dens, we always work together, trust and have a great time.

-Joe C.


I like having time to talk with my friends while building a den or doing some outdoor activity. When we have the fire on, I like watching the flames crackle and roar while Mrs Snowdon bakes/fries the pancakes or we toast the marshmallows. Being outside is magical, especially with your friends.

-Bethany P.

My favourite part of Forest School is den building because it is good to know how to survive in forest/woods. It also helps us build good friendships and to help us trust each other.

-Evie M.


My favourite thing to do in Forest School is den building because I learn how to survive like Kensuke.

-Fin M.


I've learnt how to stay safe with fire. For example, do not go through the fire pit and not to go through the inside of the circle. We learn how to tie knots different ways. My favourite thing to do is den building.

-Cameron R.


In Forest School, we learn how to build dens, how to be adventurous, never to give up and how to make squirrel bridges.

My favourite thing to do in Forest School is den building. When we build dens we learn survival, how to be adventurous and much more too.

-Freya W.

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