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Mile A Day

At Blue Coat we like to keep active as we know that being healthy is important. We have plenty of opportunities to keep fit such as: PE lessons, Forest Schools, Mile a Day and games at break times. 

The mile a day is when you run or walk around the field for a mile. This is a brilliant way to keep yourself fit. If you love running but not able to make a club then the mile a day is brilliant for you. I think that the mile a day is a perfect aspect of our school. 



 I think the mile a day is perfect for our whole school because it's not just running around the field multiple times you can choose. There is different activities with the SSOCs and Mr Jackson. I think this amazing for our school.



The mile a day is super fun my favourite thing about it is that on certain days you get to chose either to do the run or do a fun activity with the SSOCs or Mr Jackson. This makes our school super fit. The mile day is amazing for our school.



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