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Nissan trip

Nissan Visit February 2017

We were invited to attend the Nissan Factory as part of their Monzukuri Caravan Project. 


Here are some of the children's thoughts: 


Trip To Nissan


The trip to Nissan was absolutely brilliant! We loved all of the activities we did. One of our favourite bits was going into the workshop because It is the proper training area. Inside it there is a: robot they use in the factory, 30 3D printers and much more. Also they provided us with goody bags which had pens, pencil cases, rulers, note books and pencils. Even though it was a totally free trip, in our opinion it was epic!


Thomas M


I liked building Lego cars and working together in a production line to do this. It was also  interesting to see how they build cars in the factory as I didn't know much about this before.



I liked learning about Japanese words, because Nissan is a Japanese company. We got to go inside the training area and see where people learn to work at Nissan. We got to watch cars, which had been made in a 3D printer, race on a special track.

We were very well looked after while we were there and even got a cookie.



The thing I enjoyed most about our trip was watching cars racing and seeing how the robots work in the factory.



The best part was seeing the robots work.