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At Blue Coat we love showing off how talented and creative our pupils are. 

Here are some examples of their work and the children's thoughts about it. 

I enjoyed it when we did art because I love the different styles of the artists we have learnt about. I loved doing the work inspired by Andy Warhol. 



I really enjoy art, especially sketching and mindfulness colouring. 



I liked doing clay modelling because I like to do art. When we were doing it we were told we could make anything as it was abstract. I felt that this allowed me to be free in what I made.



I loved doing the abstract work with clay.



I loved learning about all the different famous artists. My favourite artist is Andy Warhol. I find his sense of art really clever and when I was using his style I loved it!



When we made the mountain collages it was great as we learnt the names of parts of a mountain whilst having fun making them. 



I really enjoyed making mountains to go on our display board as we got to combined art and geography.


I liked doing mountains because I felt happy and my mountain turned out great. It was very fun and also relaxing.



I liked making the mountains because it involved two lessons which are art and geography. 



Making the mountains was fun because I love scrumpling tiny bits of tissue paper and using them to form my mountain.





I loved reading Clockwork because the book was really tense and exciting. I also enjoyed making the display about it because it shows off our work and looks really good and colourful.



I enjoyed writing about, and drawing pictures, in English. This is because I like writing, reading and art, all of which were included in the display.


Displays in Year 6 combine celebrating the children's working, providing prompts to aid  their learning and provoking their thoughts and opinions with interactive questions.