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Welcome to the PTA section.

The PTA do a fantastic job at Blue Coat of raising funds to pay or contribute towards many of the special extras the children here enjoy; the treats and additional resources provided by the PTA form part of the many special memories pupils at Blue Coat talk about when they leave.  The PTA have paid for the new school plates and dishes in the dining hall and they purchased a large container so our long term PE equipment can be stored out of the hall - our hall is so much bigger now!  The PTA also contributed towards the Y6 Leavers’ book, the whole school pantomime and the whole school trip to the beach - all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.


This year the PTA have paid for the pantomime which all of our pupils and staff will enjoy. They have contributed towards the Y6 residential to Lockerbie, and have pledged to do the same each year so that every child will have the opportunity to attend the well-loved residential, and they have agreed to pay for the whole school trip to the beach in the summer!

The PTA are currently fund raising to improve our school library.

With your help the PTA will keep on growing and be able to raise funds so that all pupils at Blue Coat will benefit.  Please come along and support us at our next events.