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SATs week



During SATs week we were able to come in to school early for breakfast. I liked this because it gave us chance to relax with our friends and as we were all in the same boat, it was good to be able to talk to each other about it. Leighton. 


I liked being at school with my friends for breakfast as it took the pressure off us and we could just relax. I think it helped me with my SATs as talking to my friends helped me feel more relaxed. Rebecca. 


Being able to spend more times with my friends made me feel more calm. Holly.


I liked the complimentary food which we were lucky enough to have donated to us by the Coop. Megan  


I liked the breakfast before SATs because it helped me concentrate during my tests.




In preparation for SATS, the children had some Relax Kids sessions which taught them strategies to relax and feel in control of their emotions. They also had chance to do some mindfulness activities to keep calm during SATs week. 


It was good to have some sessions with Relax Kids because it taught me ways to calm down if I have had a bad day. Niamh.


I enjoyed the build up to SATs because we had chance to relax a bit and it soothed me. Because of this I think I got through the SATs really well. Christopher. 


I liked the relaxation lessons. Since it was so close to the SATs it gave us chance to feel OK and know we weren't being pushed too hard to work every afternoon. Lara.


I felt nervous about SATs and the Relax Kids lessons really helped me to calm down and feel more relaxed. Lawrence. 

A well-earned rest!

After working so hard during SATs week, the children enjoyed a well-deserved break in the sunshine!