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We are your S.N.A.G team!!!



We help to decide what the cook puts on the school menu and what day we have that meal. We have different bands such as red, blue and green. The red band usually has some sort of meat. The blue band is some sort of sandwich. The green band is the vegetarian option. We have a booklet in every class where children can write their suggestions. Our restaurant is called Le Bleu and all of the puddings need to have 50% fruit. Sometimes we have family lunches where the children’s parents come into school and have lunch with their child. On special occasions we have a different meal. At Christmas we have Christmas lunch with crackers! The school lunches are £10 per week and £2 per day. Every month we have a good manners award and a healthy eating award. A big shout out to everyone who has won the awards! We have a meeting every month to discuss the school menu.