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Why we love Year 6

In Year 6 the children work extremely hard - not just in their academic work, but also with additional responsibilities they take on in school. Here are some of their thoughts about why it's so good to be in Year 6 at Blue Coat. 


I like everything about Year 6 such as performing arts and the teachers. I have become really brave in acting and all the teachers are really kind and helpful. I don't think the teachers could be any better!



I have enjoyed maths because now I can times, divide and add fractions.



Forest schools is great because we can make dens, play hide and seek, and pay tig. We also get to use tools to make necklaces and mini-people. 



In our school, Year 6 children get jobs to do and they are really good fun.



I like year 6 because we have loads of responsibility and we are involved in making lots of decisions about the school.



I enjoy English lessons because they have improved my handwriting and Mrs Lake is a great teacher. 



I love ICT because I like using and learning about computers.



PE and art are very popular subjects with the children saying they enjoy the range of sports in PE and being able to be fit and active.