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Year 3

Blue Coat Then and Now

This week, we were lucky enough to have a visitor to our school who used to attend Blue Coat over 50 years ago! We asked him lots of interesting questions to find out about what school was like in the past and to discover all of the similarities and differences. Then we got to do lots of fun activities such as playing with old-fashioned toys, writing on chalkboards, using old measurements and looking at products that were available to buy in the shops. We had an amazing afternoon!

Woolly Mammoth Models

In English, we have been learning how to write clear instructions based on the book, ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. To practise following instructions, we made our own woolly mammoths. We then discussed which instructions were easy to follow and what would have made them a bit clearer. We will use this to make our writing even better!

Mammoth Models!

Mammoth Models! 1
Mammoth Models! 2
Mammoth Models! 3
Mammoth Models! 4


How to Wash a Dirty Toy

In English, we have been looking at instruction texts based on the book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. In order to get some ideas, we looked at giving instructions to a partner using imperative (bossy) verbs, that would help them easily clean a dirty toy. This will help us when we come to writing our own instructions later!

Scrubbing the dirty toy!

Scrubbing the dirty toy! 1
Scrubbing the dirty toy! 2
Scrubbing the dirty toy! 3
Scrubbing the dirty toy! 4
Scrubbing the dirty toy! 5
Scrubbing the dirty toy! 6

Models of the Earth

In Geography, we have been looking at the structure of the Earth. We looked closely at the properties of each of the layers and then used plastiplay to create our own models. Can you spot the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust?

Models of the Earth

Models of the Earth 1
Models of the Earth 2
Models of the Earth 3
Models of the Earth 4
Models of the Earth 5
Models of the Earth 6
Models of the Earth 7
Models of the Earth 8
Models of the Earth 9
Models of the Earth 10
Models of the Earth 11
Models of the Earth 12
Models of the Earth 13
Models of the Earth 14
Models of the Earth 15


In history this half term, we are studying the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In our lessons, we looked at historical sources to see what they could tell us about the changes in people's lives during the Stone Age. We also created a drama and a freeze frame based on life in the Bronze Age. We had lots of fun showing our freeze frames to the rest of the class! 

Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames

Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 1
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 2
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 3
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 4
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 5
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 6
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 7
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 8
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 9
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 10
Studying Sources and Bronze Age Freeze Frames 11
Year 3 2016-2017

Gangsta Granny Press Conference!

Today, the children in Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed role playing as their favourite Gangsta Granny characters! They got into character as Ben, Granny, Raj, Mr Parker, the Queen and the guard, and took part in a Press Conference based around how Ben and Granny became criminal masterminds and tried to steal the Crown Jewels! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Our new fruit and vegetable patch

Over the last half term, School Council have been asking children in every year group for ways in which we can improve our school. We then discussed all of the fabulous suggestions and decided that it would be amazing to grow a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables so that we can learn about (and hopefully taste!) some fresh and healthy food. School Council will now be responsible for watering and looking after the things they have planted! 


Today we got to plant sweet peas, sweetcorn, grapes, beetroot, peppers, spring onions, courgette, marrow, strawberries and lettuce as part of our School Council project. We want to grow these so everyone can have a taste. I got to plant the grapes and beetroot! The best part for me was planting the grapes because they were the biggest plant so far. It was really enjoyable. 

Louis 3H


This half term in science we have been learning about plants. We did a plant investigation was so much fun! When we planted the seeds, everyone was really excited each morning to see the plants and how much they had grown. When Miss Thornton told us we were doing the investigation everyone was bursting with excitement! Every day, we had to water the plant and record our observations. Some groups tried to find out whether it could grow in the dark, others tried to find out if it could grow in the fridge and some groups were investigating whether plants can survive if they have too much water. We discovered that plants in the cupboard grow really tall because they have no sunlight and they’re trying to search for it! I thought this was really interesting.

Jorja, 3T


In English this term we are looking at our new class novel, Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. When we found out after Easter that this is what we were going to be reading, everyone was really excited! We have done a number of fun lessons so far including writing a description of Granny that was packed with different sentences openers and amazing adjectives. We have also written a set of instructions called ‘How to Survive a Night at Granny’s House’. My opinion of the book is that it’s really funny and it’s probably going to be my favourite class novel ever!

By Leah 3H


Ukulele is a fun lesson that we have. We learn lots of fun chords. Some are easy but some are hard like GY. They are hard at first but when you do them more, you get used to them and become quite good. We also sing songs after the lesson like My Baby Bumble Bee, Row Row Row Your Boat and London Bridge is Falling Down. They’re really good and easy to sing and our teacher, Mr Atkinson, is really helpful. I think he’s a really good music teacher because he is patient with us when we are finding it tricky.

Eva, 3T


In P.E., we’ve been learning different skills that have helped us play games such as football, tennis and cricket. Craig always does a really fun warm-up which gets us ready to play. In football (my favourite!), we’ve enjoyed learning how to dribble, strike and tackle. This week, in our cricket lesson, we learned to bat, catch, throw and rally. P.E. is lots of fun because we learn how to play well as a team, as well as how to be confident and show what we can do on our own. 


Forest Schools

In Forest Schools we always have tonnes of fun! We are so lucky to get the opportunity to build really cool dens, eat smores and pancakes, as well as learn the skills of resilience and perseverance! Mrs Snowdon organises super fun activities for us! Over the last few terms, we have even had the opportunity to build a theme park with a seesaw, bridge, ticket stand and candy floss machine (out of natural materials of course!).

By Katie, 3H


This half term, our class went to a mini tennis festival at Fram School where we competed against other schools. My favourite part of the tennis festival was the matches. You might think that winning is the best but as long as you have fun, winning doesn’t matter. I won two matches but it doesn’t matter to me. First the girls were doing the skill drill. We didn’t get many points for our team but we didn’t mind. Our first activity was pretty hard. Even though we tried, we didn’t get any points although on the third game we got two points.

Katrina, 3T

Performance Poetry

In English, we memorised a poem and performed it in groups in front of the whole class! We tried to use lots of expression and speak in a loud, clear voice. We even added some actions to go with it!

Performance Poetry


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