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Year 4


In RE we have been learning about Islam. We have thought carefully about places of worship and the way Mosques and Churches are similar and the ways they are different. We have really enjoyed making model Mosques. We especially liked the bit where we were making the domed roof. By Kira and Ruby


In science we made some poo! We did it because we were learning about the digestive system. It was really fun, but smelt disgusting! By Euan


This term in English we are looking at the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have looked at a poem based on the first chapter of the book. We did some drama while we were reading the poem. Also we pretended to be villagers from the book, some people pretending the iron man was real, others pretended to not believe it. We have done newspaper reports on it and we did persuasive letters for a plan of getting rid of the Iron Man. By Miriam


In maths we have been working hard to improve our problem solving skills. We even went outside with Mr Jackson to have lots of fun doing practical activities!

Problem Solving