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Den Building Competition Winner

Sky - 4H

Week 5 - Design a Den Competition

This week the competition is to design/build the ultimate den. You can choose this to be an inside den or outside den. You can build it to take over your house or garden. It can be made of LEGO or a picture that you draw. Be creative! The rules are - there are no rules! Have fun! We look forward to seeing your creativity.




Ava 5B & Erin 3C Entrance Porch
Ava 5B & Erin 3C Den Bedroom
Ava 5B & Erin 3C Den Bedroom
Charlotte 3S, George 5B and Penelope NHI
Charlotte 3S, George 5B and Penelope NHI
Charlotte 3S, George 5B and Penelope NHI
Jorja (6S) - Movie/Sleepover Den with Secret Snack
Sophie H - 3C
Lucy - 3C
Amelia - 3C
Eva-Rose - 6S
Adam - 3S & Amy - 5T
Chloe S - 6S
Sky M (4H) Sleeping in her den.
Sky M - 4H
Sky M - 4H
Seulgi N (3S) - Inside den made of lego.
Seulgi N (3S) - Sitting her outside den.
Katherine - 4L
Sophie H - 3C
Lucy C - 5B

Birthday Card Design Winner 

Eva-Rose - 6S

Week 4: Design a birthday card for Captain Tom


We are sure that you have all seen the WW2 veteran who is walking for the NHS. Everyone wants to send him birthday cards for his 100th birthday so we thought it would be fun if Blue Coat participated. There are a few different ways to get your card sent to him. Follow this link to see the instructions. Remember that your parents must approve your participation if you are sending it directly to him or if you want to send it using social media.


Once you have designed your card just pop it in an envelope and send to:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA


For our competition, send us a picture of what you have made for him to

Jensen - 3C
Jensen - 3C
Jensen - 3C
Eva-Rose - 6S
Ava F - 5B
Erin - 3C
Daisy - 3C
Chloe S - 6S
Ahmed - 4L
Noelle - 6H
Sophie H - 3C
Lucy G - 5T
Seulgi - 3S
Lilly - 6S

Caricature Winner - Lilly - 6S 

Most Creative Biography Winner - Amelia - 3C

Week 3 Competition - Caricature and Biography of a Family Member

Paint or draw a friendly caricature of a member of your family. Then ask them to answer the questions. If you want to change some of the questions or add some of your own, that is great! Remember this is meant to be family-friendly fun. So make your answers funny but remember to keep them appropriate for everyone to read. 


Entry by Harry W - 3C
Biography of Harry's step brother
Entry by Lilly H - 6S
Biography of Lilly's Mam
Entry by Annabelle F - 3S
Entry by Ameila M - 3C
Entry by Ava F - 5B
Entry by Josh H - 4L
Entry by Eva-Rose H - 6S
Biogrpahy of Eva's Mum
Entry by Seulgi N - 3S
Biography of Seulgi's sister
Biography of Charlie by Charlie T - 6S
'Mr Jackson' - Entry by Mr Jackson's brother

See examples below:

'Mrs Snowdon' - drawn by Mr Snowdon
'Mrs Spoors' - drawn by Mrs Corbin
'Mrs Grieve' - drawn by her daughter Wednesday
'Miss James' - drawn by Miss James
'Mrs Hodgins' - drawn by Miss James

Can you guess who's who in the pictures below drawn by some of our Year 4's of staff here at Blue Coat? 

Email your guesses over to

5 DoJo's if you get them all right!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Squirrel Competition Winner

Sophie H - 3C

School Value Squirrels

Week 2 Competition - Cartoon Squirrels


If you follow this link, the author begins by reading her book aloud. Make sure you watch to the end as she shows you how to draw some very interesting cartoon squirrels… Enter your drawing to win. 


Please send a jpeg of your drawing to by Friday 3rd April 2020



'A Squirrel Eating Books' - Seulgi - 3S
'Robber Squirrel with a Moustache' - Ava - 5B
'Ninja Unicorn Robber Squirrel' -Erin - 3C
'Mexican Squirrel' - Ella - 3C
Isabella - 5B
Isla - 6H
Isobel - 6H
'Cyclops and Birthday Squirrel' - Amy - 6H
'Evil Professor Squirrel' - Harry - 3C
Jessica M - 3C
Katherine - 4L
Lucas - 4L
Oscar - 3S
'School Value Squirrels' - Sophie Hutchison - 3C
'Pineapple Squirrel' - Josie - 4L
'Doughnut Squirrel' - Sally - 5T
'Spiky. Girl, Narwhal & Wooly Squirrel' - Wendy 3S
'World War 2 Squirrels' - Lucas - 3S
'Monkey, Dog, Cat & Happy Squirrel' - Joe - 3C
Kyle - 3S
'Small Squirrels' - Sophie - 3C
'Tag Squirrels' - Anna - 5B
'Robot Squirrel' - Thomas Spoors - 3C
Eva-Rose - 6S
'Crazy Squirrels' - Edie - 4L
'Boogsy The Book Stealer Squirrel' - Jessica OC 4H
'Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirrel' - Matthew - 3C
Amelia - 3C
'Harry Potter Squirrel' - Maja - 4L
Adam - 4L
Phoebe - 3C
George - 4L
'Dabbing Squirrel' - Charlotte - 3S

Rainbow Competition Winner

 Lucy - 3C


We've got a coloured tissue paper collage on one side and then 5 different coloured shapes on the other: hearts for Hope, crosses for Forgiveness, medals for Courage, people for Trust and doves for Peace. It takes up the whole front window.


Week 1: Competition of the week

Children across the UK are putting up homemade rainbow creations in their windows at home, in a bid to spread hope and positivity amid the coronavirus COVID-19 self-isolation period.


The rainbow trend has gone viral after schools across the country closed on Friday 20th to help stop the spread of the virus. A Facebook page has been set up called Believe In Rainbows, where families are posting pictures of their rainbow crafts.


There's a lot of imagination on display, with posters urging people to "be kind", "stay safe" and "be positive", along with rainbow balloons to celebrate birthdays, and rainbow caterpillars to symbolise that we'll emerge triumphant.


Our competition this week is to create a rainbow that represents our school. You can use any materials, images and words. Please take a photograph of it and email it to Make sure you display your rainbow on a window in your home.



Wendy - 3S
Alexandra - 6H
Urwa - 5T & Shayaan - 6H
Harry - 3C
Seulgi - 3S
Oscar - 3S
Isla - 6H
Chloe J - 6S
Louise - 3S
Ella - 3C
Ava F - 5B
Erin - 3C
Sophie - 3C
Katie L - 6S
Chloe S - 6S
Anna - 5B & Sophie - 3C
Charis - 3S
Noah - 6H
Annabelle - 3S
Isaac - 3C
Yusuf - 3C
Jessica - 3C
Jessica - 3C
Lucy - 3C
Amber - 6H
Katrina - 6S
Callie - 6S
Emma R - 6S
Lilly - 6S

Writing Competition idea shared by Chloe J in 6S

To participate in this lovely competition, please follow this link. Remember to get adult permission before you submit anything. If you choose to do something with this competition, we would love for you to share it with us as well.


Cracking Ideas - Wallace and Gromit Competition

To find out more about this competition, please follow the link. Remember to get adult permission before you submit anything. If you choose to do something with this competition, we would love for you to share it with us as well.