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Online Safety Advice for Parents

Parents’ Well-being


It's not just our children we care about, we care about our parents too. At this uncertain possibly stressful time we would like to share with you some techniques you can use to look after your families well-being:


  • Share worries and seek out support from friends and family.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, having fun and getting enough sleep.



             Calm at Apple

                "Focuses on teaching you a variety of tools to help you stay centered."


                Insight Timer 

                "Offers more than 20,000 free meditations."



                "The perfect go-to app if your mind gets flooded with worries."


               Ten Percent Happier 

                "Great for those who feel like they're 'not the meditation type'."


             Stop, Breathe & Think Kids 

                 "Teaches children to deal with negative emotions."


  • Stay well informed by finding out more about topics that concern them.





  • Never stop talking and listening to their child through good times and bad.