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Sharing Stories from the Community

Art by Katherine in 4L

VE Day Across the Community - Honouring All Who Served

Sharing what we have been up to at school

Poems by Simon

Adam B 4L, making Elmer Elephant for his Cubs Challenge along with the finished masterpiece.

Neve C 4L, made this lovely creation in support of our fantastic NHS.

Camping in the Garden - Lilly 6S

Generosity to our NHS - Eva 6S

Last night we ordered lots of pizzas and had them delivered to all of the amazing doctors and nurses at the hospital. They were so happy. From Eva

Cheese Scones and Rice Crispy Cakes by Amy S in 6H

Baking with the family - Lemon Cake - Chloe S in 6S

Picture to make you smile from Chloe J in 6S

This is a picture Chloe created using water colours and the person is drawn in sharpie.  (Chloe says it is someone standing on a cliff edge looking at the northern lights).

Acts of Kindness from Brandon in 4H

Me and my dad wrote letters and posted them to the old people who live close to us in case they need anything.  Because they are not allowed out of their houses.  We wrote 12 letters.

Story by Katie in 6H