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Team Blue Coat

Meet the team

Picture 1 Miss Roffe, Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Thompson, Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Donaghy, Assistant Head Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Snowdon, Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Lake, Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Spoors, Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Copeland, Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Haselhurst, Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Hind, Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs Lincoln, Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs Oliver, Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs Hodgins, Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Thornton, Teacher
Picture 14 Miss James, Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mr Brookes, Teacher
Picture 16 Mrs Kipling, T.A. Apprentice
Picture 17 Mrs Horsfield, Business Manager
Picture 18 Miss Emerson, Administrative Assistant
Picture 19 Miss Brown, T.A. Apprentice
Picture 20 Mr Jackson, Sports Apprentice
Picture 21 Mrs Curtis, Extended Care Manager
Picture 22 Mrs Watson, Extended Care Supervisor
Picture 23 Mrs. Nichol, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 24 Mr Thorn, School Sports Coach
Picture 25 Mr Malyan, School Caretaker
Picture 26 Mrs Malyan, School Cleaner
Picture 27 Mrs Watson, School Cleaner
Picture 28 Mrs Mavin - School Cook
Picture 29 Miss Wray, Kitchen and Extended Care Supervisor
Picture 30 Mrs Barber, Kitchen Staff