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Blue Coat University

Blue Coat University

‘Going places, meeting people, imagining your future’


Students attend Blue Coat University for 2 hours each week. There are four faculty areas which are delivered across the year groups and these are: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Physical and Environmental Studies. Within each of these faculties, children are given the opportunity to explore a range of areas learning to become Environmental Explorers, Philosophers, Fine Artists, Archaeologists, Survivalists, Scientists and much more. Students alternate between these faculties on a 10-week rotation. The premise behind Blue Coat University is to create possibilities and open children’s minds to different careers. We aim to utilise community context within each strand and are currently developing a community resources map to support with this. All areas have specific rubrics that students can access to ensure they are self-regulating and understand how they can improve their work.


Our aims in delivering Blue Coat University are that all children will:-

  • Extend possibilities - further increasing their knowledge about careers

  • Experience different places

  • Work with experts

  • Create links with other curriculum areas to deepen the learning experience

  • Be creators

  • Create high quality work to celebrate with the community

  • Present their learning/work/journey to external audiences - developing Oracy

  • Experience project based learning - critiquing work