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Tuesday February 25th 2020

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Fun in a Bath Tub

Easter Egg Competition Winners 2019


Class 3T:

1st Place - Mermaids on Treasure Chest (Isabelle Wells)

2nd Place - Eggy Potter (Grace Lee-Cowan)

3rd Place - Unicorn (Grace Somerville)


Class 3H:

1st Place - 3 Eggmigos (Katherine Longstaff)

2nd Place - Alice and Wonderland (Lois Carr)

3rd Place - Caterpillar and Flower (Amelia Craigs)

Class 4B:

1st Place - Cat in the Hat (Katie Gillon)

2nd Place - Ladybird (Esme Parkin)

3rd Place - Zombie (Stanley Wickstead)

Class 4S:

1st Place - Toy Story Aliens (Lucy Couling)

2nd Place - Dennis and Minnie (Rebecca Taylor)

3rd Place - Flopsy, Carrot etc. (Grace Walker)

Class 5C:

1st Place - Pandas (Evie Lumb)

2nd Place - Rapunzel (Amber Johnson)

3rd Place - Eggcellent Strawberries (Leah Arthur)

Class 5H:

1st Place - Hogwarts Express 

2nd Place - Eeyore, Piglet & Tigger (Emma Richardson)

3rd Place - McDonalds (Chloe Scanlon/Molly Parkin)

Class 6S:

1st Place - Eggso-no (Louie Johnson)

2nd Place - Mono & Luigi (Ethan Harper)

3rd Place - Darth Egg (Ben Huntingdon)

Class 6L:

1st Place - King Swan (Bea Gibson)

2nd Place - Bitter Lemon (Lily Dixon)

3rd Place - A Failure (Owen Lannon)