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We are committed to fostering an enthusiasm for Maths - all students believe they can achieve. Children will have a secure recall of key mathematical facts and a fluent understanding of concrete calculation. Carefully planned opportunities enable connections to be developed between the Maths we learn in school and its real life application of mathematical skills for life. Learning is enhanced by the exploration of mathematical concepts in a range of engaging, purposeful experiences; helping children to become fluent, determined mathematicians, who can confidently explain their understanding and solve problems. 


A detailed curriculum is mapped out across all year groups to support transition and ensure pupils acquire and demonstrate a sufficient grasp of the mathematics relevant to their year group. All pupils are expected to master each key point before moving to the next stage. Carefully crafted lesson design provides a step-by-step conceptual journey through the mathematics, engaging pupils in reasoning and the development of mathematical thinking


Our aims in teaching Mathematics are that all children will: - 

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics;
  • Be able to reason mathematically;
  • Solve problems by applying their Mathematics;
  • Have a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning so that future mathematical learning is built on solid foundations which not need be retaught;
  • Develop a growth mindset - that we can all be mathematicians.