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"Lord Jesus, help us to remember to put other people and their feelings first."


What are we doing in school to learn about Respect?

Each class is thinking about the different ways we can show respect for ourselves, others, and our environment. On the Playground We are thinking about treating each other, the equipment and environment with respect. We also show respect when we take part in ‘Remembrance’ day. A day to celebrate and remember those who have died in war all over the world.

Respect at Home


Listen when others are speaking and try not to talk over them.

Treat your family members like you would want to be treated.

Use kind words especially around younger brothers or sisters.

Appreciate one thing you are good at.

Hold the door open for adults in your family.

Treating people in a kind and gentle way. A respectful person understands that as humans we are all equal.

A respectful person listens when other people are talking, tries to understand the opinions of others and follows instructions. Respect for others is important. Everyone is special, everyone’s opinion matters, everyone’s contribution is important, and everyone’s feelings should be considered.