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Our Values

                Our Christian Values


  • To build resilience, responsibility and a never give up attitude.
  • To recognise the reasons for failure and, as a result, enhance our chances for success.
  • To be hopeful and ambitious for our futures.


  • Be compassionate and kind to one another, forgiving each other.
  • To say sorry, accept apologies and build positive relationships. Every day, we have the chance to start again. 
  • To understand that it is okay to make mistakes as long as repentance is shown.


  • To resolve arguments peacefully. 
  • To show understanding, care, love and pride for ourselves and others. 
  • To be prepared to listen, even-handed with everyone and always fair. Aim to make our school a peaceful place  - no conflicts.


  • We trust our friends to share and be honest and kind to us.
  • We trust our teachers to give us knowledge and prepare us for the future.
  • We trust our community will work together to keep it a safe place to live.
  • We trust ourselves to always be honest, kind and do our best.


  • To take risks, try new things. Make mistakes, learn from them. 
  • To challenge others to do their best.
  • To consistently set higher goals.